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Hispanic Heritage Studies is an opportunity for families to discover the amazing contributions of Hispanic people and culture to world history. 

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Hola! I'm Monica.

I began homeschooling 14 years ago when my oldest entered Kindergarten. I soon realized that if I wanted to teach her and my boys about our heritage as part of our school subjects, I was going to have to make my own learning materials. 

I've been successful TpT store seller since 2010 and my products have been used by teachers all across the country with thousands of students. But I wanted my resources to help families, specifically parents. And so Hispanic Heritage Studies was born. This is how I give back to my community in memory of the Latinas who raised me.

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Vela takes unconventional learning and grassroots education programs seriously. Hispanic Heritage Studies is proud to be a Grant Recipient and we are thankful for the trust and support of our program. Vela's investment in our program makes it possible for us to grow our team and continue to add new types of content for our members. 

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