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Hispanic Heritage Studies is an opportunity for families to discover the amazing contributions of Hispanic people and culture to world history. 

The history and influence of Latin America and Spain has been overlooked or limited to the Spanish conquest and colonization of the Americas. But the story of Hispanic people is so much more than that. 

Hispanic parents! Our program is here to help you... 

Hispanic Heritage Studies is a growing and comprehensive curriculum that comes with all the materials you need to teach your children about Hispanic history and culture.
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Unlock a treasure trove of knowledge about Hispanic culture, people, and history with our exclusive membership. 

Designed to empower parents to teach their children what traditional school books leave out, our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that will enrich your child's education and deepen their appreciation for diversity.

Join now and give your child the gift of cultural awareness that will last a lifetime.

Thank you to the Vela Education Fund for
supporting Hispanic Heritage Studies!

Vela takes unconventional learning and grassroots education programs seriously. Hispanic Heritage Studies is proud to be a Micro Grant Recipient and we are thankful for the trust and support of our program. Vela's investment in our program makes it possible for us to grow our team and continue to add new types of content for our members. 

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